Professional Response #1 – Katie Wood Ray

1. In her chapter, “Understanding the Essential Characteristics of the Writing Workshop,” Katie Wood Ray…

Students who use writing, not just do writing – quote this

Describe a structured and consistent environment

Encourage productive talk

Write with purpose and intention

All of her students will grow and learn in different ways

2. Like Nancie Atwell, who in her “Conditions of a Writing Workshop,” Ray also

Students should have choice

Writing in different genres/topics are good

Dedicating significant and regular time

3. On the other hand, Ray and Atwell sometimes don’t quite agree

Atwell – whisper, Ray – talking

Atwell – 3-5 times a week, 45 minutes; Ray 35-45 minutes

4. As I consider the implications of Ray’s chapter for me, I believe…

I never had this in elementary school, so as I think about student teaching and my midtier…

5. Yet, I wonder…

Student motivation to write with fewer prompts, finding topics

Students who don’t write well will be frsutrated – how to avoid and balance

How do I manage this!?

How do you have a schedule?

6. Finally, as I examine her stance as a writer

She used the word non-fiction-y and I thought that was clever, I wasn’t affronted

Well-organized – intro and subheadings

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